It is human nature to long for a reflection of complexity in our daily interaction with that which we have created as static matter.  Our core identity is directly affected by the habitat in which we revolve, as our surroundings negotiate our clarity. Art is dialect that we interact with through absorption and release, and nuance is the script with which we resonate. The effect remains as a template in our subconscious, a building block for further construction or demolition.

In the natural world form and light evolve in space dissecting emptiness without definitive resolution. Day becomes night becomes day as line and shadow shift in constant duality. Through sight we absorb the structural continuity of form, mechanically associating visual weight with our own sense of balance. In context chaos begets chaos; though structure which resides in cyclical dependency on itself evokes subconscious equilibrium in spite of formal disparity –ultimately giving life to otherwise still form without causing dislocation.


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